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adityabhardwaj (Electrical) (OP)
17 Nov 12 4:15
we are doing engineering for greed of job money or for self satisfaction??

think TWICE before reply.........!!!


slickdeals (Structural)
17 Nov 12 4:22
I don't think engineering pays you enough for you to be greedy, most of us wish we made more money. It has to be the latter.
TheTick (Mechanical)
17 Nov 12 4:24
Got any questions that aren't silly? Think carefully.

What am I supposed to do? Donate my time to some other greedy jerk?
ScottyUK (Electrical)
17 Nov 12 5:58
I do my job for money. I'm pleased that I enjoy my work and I realise that a lot of peopleare lucky enough to be able to say that. If I could have the same lifestyle without working then I think I could cope with that. I would need to find a creative outlet.
ScottyUK (Electrical)
17 Nov 12 6:04
... a lot of people aren't lucky enough...

Damned auto-correct strikes again!
DRWeig (Electrical)
17 Nov 12 7:15
I totally enjoy the engineering aspect of my work. The unavoidable dealings with overly demanding architects, building owners, state regulatory agencies, state and federal tax agencies, and contractors often take up more time than design and analysis on a job. There are many other non-engineering chores like preparing presentations, long unnecessary meetings, traveling in %#$!$! airplanes, managing difficult people, preparing proposals, negotiating contracts, etc...

In the end, as I have posted in other threads, the job is what I do to make money for survival, recreation, and saving up for retirement. Greed doesn't really play a big role, although I do try to get the highest fees I can to increase my velocity toward retirement.

Best to you,

Goober Dave

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arunmrao (Materials)
17 Nov 12 7:52
I am for money, but it is now a mirage, so I do the next best, love the profession, which is very endearing to me.

Adityabharadwaj, you did not state your preference.I can see from your background you are new to ET , please watch and learn .

"It's better to die standing than live your whole life on the knees" by Peter Mayle in his book A Good Year

Forensic74 (Structural)
17 Nov 12 8:32
It's a balance between the two.

Was this thread created to advance the industry or was it merely self-entertainment?
urgross (Mechanical)
17 Nov 12 10:38
Would you like fries with that?
msquared48 (Structural)
17 Nov 12 15:08
I work to feed my family and pay the bills by doing what I have trained for 40 years to do. Why do you imply that something is wrong with that?

Mike McCann
MMC Engineering

rowingengineer (Structural)
17 Nov 12 15:40
This question is very similar to asking "why is the American goverment better than any other goverment in the world". How do you judge greed or self satfication.

Your question is a choice of two to explain why i do engineering. It has taken most over 4 years to get to a point were they are doing engineering and you want us to sun it up as a choice of two.
"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."

Helpful Member!(7)  GregLocock (Automotive)
17 Nov 12 19:09
I do it for greed. In the evening I sit like Smaug on a hoard of gold coins reading textbooks so that the next day I can earn even more money and create even better products than pimply faced noobs.

Incidentally here are some phrases you might like to research "false dichotomy", "average wage of British engineer" and of course "stupid question".


Greg Locock

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Helpful Member!  IRstuff (Aerospace)
17 Nov 12 20:20
Thought once: They pay me to pursue my hobbies!!!

Thought twice: They pay me to pursue my hobbies!!!

This question is meaningless; we are not in the utopian society where some unpaid or uncompensated machinery does all the drudgery and we lounge around idly pursuing our every whim. We have to work for a living, unless we were born with that silver spoon. Some of us get lucky and get paid to do things that we like, while others get paid to do things they don't like, and everyone is in-between.

FAQ731-376: Forum Policies

kingnero (Mechanical)
18 Nov 12 6:45
pure greed here.
religion doesn't pay my food, home, taxes, ...
Latexman (Chemical)
18 Nov 12 9:04

Good luck,

Helpful Member!  TheTick (Mechanical)
18 Nov 12 14:42
People simply do not value what they do not pay for.
Noway2 (Electrical)
18 Nov 12 14:55
Given that the OP has the handle of "adityabhardwaj", which is this side of unpronounceable, that it was their one and only post, and their antagonist tone that was destined to illicit replies, I think we have a glorified Troll in our midst.
Latexman (Chemical)
19 Nov 12 8:18

It could be. It's hard to say for sure with this one in only 1-2 days time. But, if it is, I enjoy a good game of "whack a troll" now and then.

Good luck,

SnTMan (Mechanical)
19 Nov 12 9:40
Definitely greed, it is well known that hedge-fund managers wish they could be engineers:)
EnergyMix (Nuclear)
19 Nov 12 10:40
Why should I think TWICE before posting? Did the original poster think twice before posting his obviously antagonistically labeled post with no information to back it up? Most engineers that I've met and those that I've seen who contribute time on this board appear more motivated by their desire to advance humankind in a safe and secure manner.

It's not the engineer who appears motivated by greed in large part. If we were, we wouldn't donate time to answer engineering questions for free on this engineering board. When the answer is "hire someone," then it's because the issue is more complex than can be answered by anonymous strangers knowing only part of the problem and frustrated by a commuication barrier (be it language or lack of information.)
IRstuff (Aerospace)
19 Nov 12 10:44
Since this is the OP's first and only post, I doubt that there is much nuance involved in his provocative question.

FAQ731-376: Forum Policies

IRstuff (Aerospace)
19 Nov 12 10:46
Or, maybe, it's just a disgruntled engineer posing a poser to ostensibly gruntled (undisgruntled? nondisgruntled?) engineers.

FAQ731-376: Forum Policies

Helpful Member!(2)  SomptingGuy (Automotive)
19 Nov 12 11:11
I do it to buy porn.

- Steve

Helpful Member!(2)  spongebob007 (Military)
19 Nov 12 11:15
I admit that I do it for the money. As a kid I never said "I want to be an engineer when I grow up." In fact I honestly had no interest in being an engineer. I went into engineering because I always did well in math and science classes in school and my parents constantly pushed me to go to college for something that would give me marketable job skills and earn me a decent living.

There are aspects of being an engineer that I find enjoyable, but if I won the lottery tonight I would probably not be showing up for work in the morning. I could find self satisfaction from plenty of activites that are not engineering.

There are times when I wish I was more passionate about what I do. Like a poster said in another thread something about putting in 80 hour work weeks and still wanting more. I have never known anything close tothat level of job satisfaction. Engineering is better than slinging hamburgers for a living, but work still sucks.
ctopher (Mechanical)
19 Nov 12 11:19
To stay with current trends and fad's, I do it for greed.
I thought twice about it.

SolidWorks 11
ctopher's home
SolidWorks Legion

arunmrao (Materials)
19 Nov 12 11:54
My personal/selfish needs are also my greed. ( No need to think twice about that!).

"It's better to die standing than live your whole life on the knees" by Peter Mayle in his book A Good Year

msquared48 (Structural)
19 Nov 12 12:50
Greed or not, the level seen in engineering, for the most part, does not hold a candle to that of the banking or mega-corporate boys.

Our "greed" is just pocket change in the penny jar to them.

Mike McCann
MMC Engineering

stanweld (Materials)
19 Nov 12 14:13
While I have left boring jobs for more intellectually stimulating ones and may have passed up some future earnings in the process, I never regressed pay wise in the short term. As professionals, we do get paid for our services.
moltenmetal (Chemical)
19 Nov 12 14:13
Wow, that troll really got to you guys quick! Stupid question (yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question, such as this one), not deserving of any kind of considered answer beyond asking the OP to look up "professional" in the dictionary and compare its definition against that of "amateur". I'm a professional, not an amateur.
Helpful Member!  HornTootinEE (Electrical)
19 Nov 12 14:33
I've never met an engineer who engineers for "greed" yeah, we expect a good salary because what we do affects many people. A world without engineers would be back to living in caves-really, think about it. Why do we have houses, electricity, buildings, cars, comforts of life, etc? Because somebody decided to engineer something on scientific principles to help make life easier.

Teachers-the good ones don't teach just because they get summers off either. It's a great perk to make up/compensate for the lower pay-but the good ones don't teach for that reason.

In my opinion Engineers should be more highly compensated than lawyers. But, lawyers usually litigate and win millions, or keep their employers out of litigation thereby saving millions-which justifies their high salary to the business world.

Helpful Member!  metengr (Materials)
19 Nov 12 15:02


As professionals, we do get paid for our services.

So do hookers.

SnTMan (Mechanical)
19 Nov 12 15:21
moltenmetal, slow day, what can I say?


ash9144 (Chemical)
19 Nov 12 18:39
Someone should have thought at least twice before allowing the OP access to a computer.
Helpful Member!(5)  EnergyMix (Nuclear)
20 Nov 12 9:23
or to this site, ash9144.

In my opinion, most of the responders here have misunderstood what "greed" means. Expecting to be fairly compensated for your services is not greed. Greed is "the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort." I would add it would be using your engineering skills in a manner that harmed others to your, or your company's, gratification. While I'm sure there is a small minority that might "fit that bill," that's not the typical engineering profile. More typical is the engineer who wonders why he isn't being compensated as well as everyone else. (How many posts have been seen on this forum on that subject versus this singular one on greedy engineers?)

Greedy are the folks that come here as leechers ... only asking questions, expecting immediate responses even though they only give partial information, and going away in a huff when their problem isn't solved for them, until the next time they want help.

Not greedy are the folks who spend time trying to help others with their problems, even if the original poster isn't completely satisfied with the results. Those folks are donating time and engineering skills expecting nothing more than maybe an occasional thanks or a purple star.

The site has far more of the second than the first. That's why it has the reputation that it does. If engineers were "greedy," then the site wouldn't exist, because no one would ever find an answer on it. You've seen sites like that -- questions get posted, but never answered. Here, the answers come quick. They're accurate, they're helpful. Maybe the people on here are not representative of the typical engineer, but I don't think that's the case.
SNORGY (Mechanical)
20 Nov 12 9:36

Ya nailed it, man.


kingnero (Mechanical)
20 Nov 12 9:38
I didn't misunderstood greed, I just posted in the same seriousness as the question was asked. and I think many did the same.
I'm not trying to throw a stone in your direction, just elaborating my point of view.
SomptingGuy (Automotive)
20 Nov 12 9:39

- Steve

Skogsgurra (Electrical)
20 Nov 12 10:10
I have been thinking about this. Many times. I have also been thinking about why this really interesting question seems to irritate and provoke. Does such a question hurt us engineers? Why? Is it because the word 'greed' was used instead of 'need to get some money to buy food'?

I really have been thinking more than twice. But answering that question is easy: I am a prostitute - I get paid for my services. And I am also a happy prostitute that finds great pleasure in what I do. I also have a great relationship with my clientele.

Add to that that I love the tools I use and the freedom I have as an independent engineer. And there is no souteneur to pay. Exept the State.

Gunnar Englund
Half full - Half empty? I don't mind. It's what in it that counts.

dbooker630 (Materials)
20 Nov 12 10:33
Greed - you must be kidding! I am an engineer becuase that is the best way to earn a living and support my family based on the skills I have.

I really wanted to be a baseball player but couldn't hit the high hard stuff. Maybe you should discuss greed in professional sports instead...owners and players.
oldfieldguy (Electrical)
20 Nov 12 12:54
First, at my rather advanced age, I've finally quit having a job. I have a hobby with a paycheck.

It's a nice paycheck, too. I am enamored with the security of having a roof over my head, food in the pantry, a few toys. Is having those things 'greedy'?

Is making sure that my employer has the means to move huge amounts of natural gas through a few thousand miles of pipe to provide lighting and heat and a thousand industrial processes a selfish act?

I'm thinking a little quid pro quo here. Civilization does not happen by magic, unless it's "One man's magic is another man's engineering".

old field guy

Terminus0 (Mechanical)
20 Nov 12 13:40
Engineering is a great way to earn a living.

It is an awfully terrible way to get rich.
IRstuff (Aerospace)
20 Nov 12 15:54
"It is an awfully terrible way to get rich."

There are more jobs that are even worse ways to get rich, digging ditches, for example...

And there are those who are exceeding frugal and managed to save $500k and up on salaries that are noticeably smaller than that of engineers. Most of us just choose not to be reasonably well off.

FAQ731-376: Forum Policies

stanweld (Materials)
20 Nov 12 16:52
SNORGY (Mechanical)
20 Nov 12 23:54
"Man" purely in the colloquial, gender-neutral sense...

Maybe it's a Canadian thing...certainly no disrespect intended.
SNORGY (Mechanical)
20 Nov 12 23:58
I became an engineer because of a very painful, traumatic childhood and adolescent experience with respect to realizing that my single and sole lifetime ambition would never be realized. It is painful for me to talk about to this very day.

You see...

I have never dunked a basketball.
rowingengineer (Structural)
21 Nov 12 0:26
Are hookers greedy?
"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."

Helpful Member!(2)  stanier (Mechanical)
21 Nov 12 0:35
As an engineer I believe I am "rich" not because of the amount of 0000s behind the numbers in my bank account. Rather I have contributed to humanity and others have benefited. Engineering is my hobby and I get paid for it. Is that greed, i think not. i have a richness of life as I sleep at nights. Those without integrity may also sleep well but they are without souls.

If it didnt grow it was developed by an engineer. Look around you. I am of two minds what made things "grow" in the first place but I do know engineers are the "can do" people. Unlike bankers, lawyers, accountants, doctors etc who are historians for they only do anything when something has occurred. Then there are the dreamers: The clergy, scientists, philosophers, environmentalists, pollies who throw up ideas and wait for engineers to come along and do something about it.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”
---B.B. King

metengr (Materials)
21 Nov 12 16:49
quote]Are hookers greedy?[/quote]
Sure, look at the customers they need to put up with.
HornTootinEE (Electrical)
21 Nov 12 16:53
Do you ever wonder if a hooker gets any pleasure out of the expierience, or is that type of activity subject to the Law of Diminishing Returns? :)
Helpful Member!(2)  FACS (Mechanical)
23 Nov 12 14:02
I'd be happy to answer your question, but I don't work for free.
Please send a money order for $535.00 and I will submit my answer.

Thank you,


Helpful Member!  TheBlacksmith (Mechanical)
23 Nov 12 16:46
I work in the shipbuilding industry after retiring from the Navy so I'll give the answer I often do. I spent 20 years in the Navy wondering what a**hole designed this POS and now I'm the a**hole. I want to make it better and easier for the sailors of the future and am fairly compensated for bringing my knowledge, abilities and experience to bear.
Drej (Mechanical)
23 Nov 12 17:01
Personally I just love it. Most of the time. I try and make as much money as I can to help pay the bills for my expanding family. I'm not sure I could *do* a job I couldn't 'love' as I found out when flipping burgers as a student.

But greed? Engineers?

Oh purrleease.

Most of us don't have the time or the inclination to be greedy.

See FAQ569-1083: Asking questions the smart way on Eng-Tips fora for details on how to make best use of

EngineerDave (Bioengineer)
1 Dec 12 0:44
I went into engineering because of a family history of it and I wanted to go into the most challenging undergraduate major. I considered all other options, but knew that if I wanted to go to medical school or other things, I still had a pathway going through engineering school first.

Never regret it. It was tough but well worth it.
moon161 (Mechanical)
1 Dec 12 9:23
Somewhere between not starving and living to make stuff. The fact that engineers make more than a burger flipper, and less than a playboy helps, and the fact that people make money off of my efforts as well. At this point, I've designed or specified millions in raw material, labor & finished product, all employer furnished. 5 days a week I have enough rope to hang myself and a bunch of smart people who want to make my project happen. All a bit of a rush sometimes.

moon161 (Mechanical)
1 Dec 12 9:38
Quick joke, I'm sure many will appreciate.

French revolution, intellectuals are being rounded up & executed. A priest, philosopher & engineer are lined up at the guillotine.

Priest says he wishes to spend his last moments looking up at heaven, so executioner puts him on his back, pulls the rope, nothing happens. Priest proclaims it a miracle, they let him go.

Philosopher is up, wants to see the people, executioner puts him on his belly, pulls the rope, nothing happens. "Will of the people" says the executioner, lets him go.

Engineer is curious, how's a guillotine work? Executioner puts him on his back, pulls the rope, nothing happens.
Engineer says "Oh! I think I see the problem!"
bridgebuster (Civil)
2 Dec 12 11:29
I went into engineering because I enjoyed building things as a child. Sure I appreciate the salary and I want to earn as much as possible. But I don't think of myself as greedy. Greed is an unhealthy attachment to something, and it's not going to get us anywhere in this life.

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