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zdas04 (Mechanical) (OP)
31 Jul 04 0:15
When I was in school I learned that there was "The Old World" which basically meant Europe, "The New World" which was the U.S. and Canada (sometimes it included Australia, but not always), and "The Third World" which was everyone else.

Now I keep seeing people say "In the First World", which really drives me up the wall.

Anyone else seen the definitions I learned in school in the 60's?

rnd2 (Materials)
31 Jul 04 12:34
If you are seeing people saying "in the first world" you may be hallucinating.
Where you bin?
zdas04 (Mechanical) (OP)
31 Jul 04 12:40
I may be smoking something that isn't legal in New Mexico, but see Thread730-100141

David Simpson, PE
MuleShoe Engineering
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The Plural of "anecdote" is not "data"

rnd2 (Materials)
31 Jul 04 13:11
OK, got the drift.
When I went to school old world meant Europe. The new world meant the Americas. Australia didn't rate so presumably it was third world. That was in the 60's.
I hear first world and third world but nothing about a second world. Why the quantum leap?
My $0.02 worth:
First world = rat race.
Second world = absoloutely no idea.
Third world = dirt poor
digger242j (Civil/Environmental)
31 Jul 04 14:36
This opinion is based on my opinion of the media--Some media person with no clue as to the genisis of of the term "third world", and no ambition to get such a clue, asumed that if the dirt poor countries are the "third world" then places with both nightclubs and broadband internet access must be "first world". As for the "second world", I guess they must still have dialup...
dpc (Electrical)
31 Jul 04 18:06
This is a throwback to the Cold War when the world was seen as divided between democratic, industrialized states and communist states:

First World - Western industrialized countries
Second World - Communist bloc countries
Third World - underdeveloped countries (Africa, Asia)

Old World vs. New World is a different story altogether.  
Qshake (Structural)
1 Aug 04 10:49
What I see or hear of a lot of is the phrase "in this world".  An example might be: "that's the first application of this that I've seen in this world".  Thus I'm not sure if its meant to be a reference to old world, new world (which I think is likely) or the first, second, third and perhaps "alien world"????


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Plantec (Structural)
2 Aug 04 4:59
Where I live, we also speak of a "4th world".  This is a term for poor people living in the "first world".
ivymike (Mechanical)
2 Aug 04 10:12
...and somewhat recently we've found that the "Old World" can be divided into the new and the old as well...  

Snork (Mechanical)
2 Aug 04 17:38
How many worlds are there?  Get calculator ready and enter 6^6^6 - 10314424798490538000000000000 (if I did the math correctly).  It seems Revelation was mis-translated.
johnwm (Computer)
3 Aug 04 4:11
With acknowledgements to Robert Heinlein (Number of the Beast)?

Good Luck
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Boomerang (Marine/Ocean)
3 Aug 04 5:03
The second keeps the first and third worlds apart.
CanEngJohn (Automotive)
3 Aug 04 13:42
In my Geography courses -
Old World - was a term derived to describe that section of the world that was developed and predominantly industrial by the turn of the 1900's (Namely Europe).

New World - that section of the globe colonized by the old world and industrialized by the 1950's (Namely North America)

As a side note - both of those terms were developed in the US.

First World - any industrialized nation who's economy is less than 40% natural resourse based (ie. export natural resources and import manufactured goods) and who generally tries to enforce "basic human rights" (ie. no slave or child labour etc ...)

Second World - Same as above but exclude human rights.

Third World - Opposite of First World- Natural Resource dependant - Human rights may or may not exist.

Based on how you Interpret the above Canada can be classified as a third world country.  Statistics on %dependance on Natural Resources for Canada can vary with interpretation.  USA and Britain are generally considered First World countries.

I might not be spot on because it has been a decade since I needed to know those definitions but that is how I remember them today.

ivymike (Mechanical)
3 Aug 04 14:14
CanEngJohn (Automotive)
3 Aug 04 14:29
Yup.  But what went into services?

Hydo? - considered by some to be a natural resource and must be included as a resource not a service.

What happened to fishing?, lumber? mining? - If included in agriculture then that number is too low.

Do you include the support services to achieve the above as part of your resource GDP or not?

These were just some of the debates ocurring when I was in school.  Based on the answers to these debates and others Canada could be considered 42% resource dependant (also depended on what year the data was coming from).
Snork (Mechanical)
3 Aug 04 15:30
Johnwm - Yup - I wondered if anyone would catch the Heinlein angle. It's not the most plausible explanation for the universe, but it's far from the most odd.
sfi (Computer)
4 Aug 04 1:03
A stranger in a strange land?
Artisi (Mechanical)
4 Aug 04 2:08
Who cares how many worlds there are - just don't stuff up this one.

International College
Naresuan University

rnd2 (Materials)
4 Aug 04 7:33
For the true believers there is "in this world and the next".
With all the baggage collected in this terrestial scheme, travelling to the "next" is going to be mighty interesting.
gambro (Chemical)
4 Aug 04 10:24
I have also heard the expression "fourth world". The definition would be :

First world : Developed contries (most of Europe, USA, Canada, Japan) with a more or less free enterprise system

Second World : Countries with a planned economy (= Communist economic system), now only North Korea and a few others

Third world : Developing resp. semi-developed countries having a certain degree or at least a potential for industrial development (examples : Brasil, India and many others)

Fourth world : Undeveloped countries without any visible potential for industrial development (examples : Mauretania, Mali, Chad)
Helpful Member!  flamby (Structural)
5 Aug 04 0:48
Below every world, there is underworld. So the count reaches 8. Anymore?
Artisi (Mechanical)
5 Aug 04 22:58
a few extra "worlds" for consideration:

plant world
animal world
insect world
arab world
western world
man's world
women's world
brave new world
personal world
wide world
engineering world
scientific world
abstract world
ideal word
perfect world
outside world
modern world
developing world
his world
her world
their world
(best of) both worlds
world of good

Guess there is quite a few more to come yet but I need to get back to the real world

International College
Naresuan University

rmw (Mechanical)
5 Aug 04 23:26
Then in physics, there is the many worlds theory.

rnd2 (Materials)
6 Aug 04 11:35
What in the world is this thread about?
crossframe (Structural)
6 Aug 04 12:40
Wayne's World!
IRstuff (Aerospace)
6 Aug 04 13:11
and I thought it was Elmo's world


rerig (Aerospace)
6 Aug 04 17:04
Where's Waldo?
vpl (Nuclear)
6 Aug 04 17:16
"It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world."  Darn, I'll be singing that all weekend now.

Patricia Lougheed

Please see FAQ731-376 for tips on how to make the best use of the Eng-Tips Forums.

rerig (Aerospace)
6 Aug 04 17:20
Well, I guess you won't be alone....THANKS A LOT!
LSPE (Mechanical)
6 Aug 04 18:08
This is seeming suspiciously of the mindset of the New World Order.
flamby (Structural)
7 Aug 04 5:55
It was indeed the most optimistic philosopher from the first world who described the world as "best of all possible worlds".

Whether our third world was included in this qualification is not clear.
rnd2 (Materials)
7 Aug 04 6:39
Included when worlds collide.
sprintcar (Mechanical)
9 Aug 04 11:34
I was discussing this with a Blond female friend who replied: "Geez - you guys should know all about that, considering they had their own war and all....."

Keep the wheels on the ground

Boomerang (Marine/Ocean)
12 Aug 04 5:46
OK sprintcar I'm game.
Forgive me HG Wells if you're still able to observe this world.
In the event of a War of the Worlds people left in this world would be out of their world not to say good-bye to their worldly belongings. Would they be able to stay away from another world? Maybe some could do a deal with the underworld. The battle plan of the other world? It will do a world of good to destroy all people of the first world. The other worlds don't matter.
My wife's blonde.
She is my world.
I will not show her this because she'll know she's married a nut!
smckennz (Mechanical)
12 Aug 04 8:08

I see only one world as a sort of cake. But a hell of a lot of knives.


rnd2 (Materials)
16 Aug 04 5:26
I don't know about the Heinlein angle, straight to the keeper I'm afraid but while pondering over the devil's number, bad luck etc etc, the only people in the world that can pronounce it just right are the KIWIS because they pronounce it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.
jimbo (Staff)
16 Aug 04 16:08
Many years ago I read a delightful story about the "other world".
It was by an engineer, and identified the "other world" as Academe, or Academia if you prefer. It was a very amusing story.

For example, an engineer wouuld say "2 plus 2 = 4", while the academe world would give some fancy, convoluted  integration to mean the same thing.
 When I hear the term "other world" I think of that story.

Buy a dictionary, keep it nearby and USE it. Webster's New World Dictionary of American English is recommended, and Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

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