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Case Study: Cosine Additive Inc. Accelerates Next-Generation 3D Printer Development with SOLIDWORKS

Manufacturing industrial 3D printing equipment is no easy task, and requires the proper design and development before production can even begin. Download Now

White Paper: Quality in the Age of the Customer

Customer feedback needs to be part of your company’s closed loop, tying together field service, customer service, sales and marketing, engineering, quality and suppliers and partners. Download Now

eBook: CAE Feature Comparison Chart for Simulation In-CAD

Products are becoming more complex making early-development, computer-aided engineering (CAE) a good idea. Download Now

eBook: CAE Comparison Charts for Engineering Design Platforms

Large design teams need computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools that focus on collaboration to get ever more complex products off the ground. Download Now

White Paper: Importance of a Pre- and Postprocessor for FEA

Simulation engineers need a pre- and postprocessor that ensures accuracy during tight deadlines. Download Now

White Paper: How to Tackle Product Complexity

As products become increasingly complex, legacy PLM systems are failing to meet evolving business needs—they are too focused on mechanical 3D CAD, simulation and digital mock-up. Download Now

White Paper: Transforming PLM for the Automotive Industry

Today’s automotive companies are challenged to develop more complex vehicles faster than ever in an increasingly competitive global environment Download Now

Case Study: PLM Transformation at Magna Powertrain GETRAG

This case study of Magna Powertrain’s GETRAG division demonstrates how PLM is particularly important to the automotive Industry. Download Now

White Paper: Addressing the Bottlenecks of FEA Simulation

Engineers with shrinking development cycles know that the time and cost of physical prototypes are not feasible anymore. Download Now

Case Study: How GM Uses Smart Analytics to Stay Competitive in the Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive parts aftermarket is a 2 trillion-dollar business. Major OEM’s like General Motors are eager to win a substantial portion of that market in one of the most difficult supply chain systems in the world. Download Now

White Paper: 10 Ways to Transform your BOM Management

Product development teams must evolve the way they create, manage, and share product information to account for mechanical, electronic and software components. Download Now

Case Study: ROI Calculation of PLM Implementation using PTC Windchill

Calculating ROI before a PLM implementation is a major challenge for product development teams. Download Now

White Paper: Managing Large CAD Assemblies – Five Ways to Improve Performance Right Now

Designers in every industry are being pushed to produce larger and more complex product assembles. Add to that the demands that new software features place on your hardware, and you can be in for some serious performance issues. Download Now

White Paper: Large CAD Assemblies in a Modern CAD System – Solid Edge

Solid Edge has carved a successful niche in the CAD industry. Much of that success is due to the software’s ability to manage large assemblies. Download Now

eBook: The Midsize 5-Axis Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a machining center with full 5-axis capabilities can make a world of difference for manufacturers. Download Now

Case Study: Improving Injection-Mold Tooling Development With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

In the world of injection molding and plastics engineering, the proper expertise is essential. Robert Elwell launched PROCAD TECHNOLOGIES as a means of providing that expertise. Download Now

Case Study: Improve Tooling Connectivity Design and Collaboration with SOLIDWORKS

The development of advanced electrical systems, such as industrial robotic arms, requires the proper CAD tools. Download Now

White Paper: Leverage ERP for Sales & Operations Planning

Sales & Operations planning, when done well, can bring tremendous benefits to a manufacturing organization. Download Now

White Paper: Digital Transformation and Manufacturing – What’s Next?

By embracing Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0, manufacturers are moving toward a new level of interconnected and intelligent manufacturing systems that incorporate the latest advances in sensors, robotics, big data, controllers, and machine learning. Download Now

White Paper: Solving the Service Parts Problem in Commercial Aviation

In commercial aviation, service parts availability is critical to dispatch reliability and productivity in today’s thin margin, fast paced operations. Download Now

Case Study: Innovating a Tall, Capable Modular Building System with SOLIDWORKS

Modular construction has become a staple of many design disciplines. Not only does modular construction enable easier fabrication, but it also reduces the cost of construction and can accelerate production schedules. Download Now

Case Study: Service Part Solutions for MRO’s

Advanced parts management software keeps dispatch reliability up and costs down for Embraer. Download Now

White Paper: 5 Ways to Keep Your Machine Shop Competitive in the Digital Age

The evolution of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) means that the manufacturing world is now also a digital world. Download Now

White Paper: Introduction to Multi-patterning

As the semiconductor industry races to keep pace with Moore’s Law, which regards the doubling of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits, lithography hardware systems are not always able to provide a quality image for creating circuits. Download Now

White Paper: Improve Reliability with Accurate Voltage-Aware DRC

Current integrated circuit (IC) designs are complex, which can result in different voltages being located close to one another. To prevent time dependent dielectric breakdown (TTDB), it is essential to incorporate space rules within IC design. Download Now

White Paper: Reduce Verification Complexity in Low/Multi-Power Designs

Complex integrated circuit (IC) designs don’t always need complex rule checks. Download Now

E-Book: Engineering Apps For Simulation

Computer-aided engineering applications (CAE apps) help analysts offload expertise and reparative work to non-experts. Download Now

White Paper - Design Essentials for 3D Printing

3D printing offers the ability to manufacture complex geometries, custom components on-demand and batches of short-run parts. However, with a new fabrication method comes new design principles. Download Now

White paper - 4 Steps to Creating Great Products for Each of Your Customers

Due to the custom nature of build-to-order or engineer-to-order products, attention to the customer is even more crucial to the success of those products. From design to production and roll-out, it is essential to ensure that the customer’s needs are met. Download Now

White Paper: Workstation Review—What Can You Get for $5K?

Purchasing a workstation can be stressful. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to determine exactly what type of hardware you’ll need for the jobs that are immediately in front of you and those that might crop up in the future. Download Now

White Paper: Workstation Review—What Can You Get for $2.5K?

Purchasing a workstation can be stressful. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to determine exactly what type of hardware you’ll need for the jobs that are immediately in front of you and those that might crop up in the future. Download Now

White Paper: Improving Design Reliability by Avoiding Electrical Overstress

Engineers will note that when electronics fail, electrical overstress (EOS) is typically the cause. Download Now

White Paper: Selecting the Right Industrial 3D Printer

Industrial 3D printing has now proven itself to be a technology that can speed up and enhance product design and manufacturing. Download Now

White Paper: Building Functional Safety and Security into IIoT Enterprises and Ecosystems

Industrial engineers can use the Internet of Things (IoT) to keep systems up to date with safety standards and regulations. Download Now

White Paper: Product Innovation Platforms Can Integrate ALM, PLM and Quality

Jeffrey Hojlo of IDC shares why trends towards i) increasing product complexity, ii) quality-first manufacturing and iii) Internet of Things enablement, make it increasingly imperative for manufacturers to more tightly integrate their product design data and processes, ideally on a single platform. Download Now

eBook: State of Product Development / PLM surveyed 364 product development professionals to glean insights into how their teams are performing today, and what technologies are most useful to support their processes. Download Now

eBook: Healing as an Essential Function—Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

Open engineering processes require 3D models to be shared between various applications; therefore, accurate translation from one system to another is essential. Download Now

White Paper - Moldmaking with 3D Prints: Techniques for Prototyping and Production

3D printing has quickly expanded beyond the realm of prototyping and into the world of end part manufacturing. Desktop 3D printers need not be used for making parts themselves, but as a secondary process for producing tools. Download Now

White Paper: How Simulation Improves Injection Molding Challenges

Creating tooling for injection molding is an expensive and complex proposition. Until recently, the only way to avoid tooling defects causing air traps, voids, shrinkage and the like was to employ a time-consuming and tedious physical prototyping process. Download Now

Case Study: CAD Accelerates a Radical Transformation for Ideum

Founded in 1999, Ideum began its life as an interactive website development company. However, after years of building interactive environments, the company decided to change gears and build interactive, multi-touch displays. Download Now

White Paper: Navigating the Hurdles of Hardware Start-Ups

Navigating the rough currents of being a start-up can be difficult, especially with the costs of prototyping and production. Download Now

White Paper - Machine Intelligence: The Golden Age of Analytics

Data is an essential part of product development and process streamlining. Today, massive amounts of data are generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). How can you sift through this data to find valuable insights? Download Now

White Paper: Simplifying Sheet Metal Design with Simulation Tools

Modern sheet metal forming is a complex operation with tools that can be expensive to produce. For this reason, the use of simulation software has become the norm across many industries. Download Now

E-Book: The Collaborative Robot Buyer’s Guide

Industrial robotics have brought automation a long way toward meeting these goals. Download Now

eBook: Turbulence Models Offered by CFD Simulation Vendors

Engineers and analysts specializing in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) engineers need the right turbulence model for the right job. Which of the dozens of models available is best for your application? Download Now

White Paper: How to Avoid 3 Common Mistakes When Using Laser Trackers

Laser trackers are valuable metrological instruments, but only when they’re used correctly. Download Now

White Paper: How to Ensure Thermal Comfort in Buildings with CFD

HVAC engineers will note that without careful planning, office buildings come in two polar temperature settings: sauna or meat locker. Download Now

White Paper: More MEMS Design Challenges with Unique Editing and Verification Features

Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are a departure from Manhattan layouts, this makes modeling them into integrated circuits (ICs) a challenge. Download Now

White Paper - MEMS Jumpstart Series: Creating a Resonator

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an alarming rate. This in turn increases the demand for sensors. Download Now

White Paper - Version Control: What Is Old Is New Again

Version control is neither a new concept or a new software feature. But with the explosion of digital information, there’s an even greater need for tight control and management of documents and data. Download Now

White Paper - MEMS Jumpstart Series: Preparing for Finite Element Analysis

Sensor engineers are challenged to assess the performance of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Download Now

White Paper: MEMS Accelerometers Without Moving Parts

Traditional Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) accelerometers have moving parts that can fail or cause errors. Download Now

eBook: Putting PLM Within Reach

PLM implementations are faster and less expensive than most people think. Download Now

White Paper - PLM/ERP: Choosing Between Cloud and Managed Cloud

The cloud allows users to scale their ERP and PLM systems up or down easily to meet the changing demands of their businesses. Download Now

White Paper: Secrets to Success in the Hot IoT Space

The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is growing, but the product launch failure rate is about 50 percent. Download Now

White Paper: Top 10 Considerations for a Successful IoT Implementation

Industrial engineers need to understand the Internet of Things (IoT) as customer and internal operations become increasingly connected. Download Now

White Paper - Top 7 3D Printing Design Stories

3D printing can reduce manufacturing times and costs to make a wide variety of previously implausible designs much easier to make. Download Now

White Paper - How Rapid Prototyping Helps Open Doors

Prototyping is one of the most time-consuming and costly parts of developing a new product. Download Now

White Paper: Data, Digital Threads and Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, is all about smart technologies and big data for engineers. Download Now

eBook: Shorter Paths to PLM Value

If PLM systems are so wonderful at managing product data and processes, why are so many small and mid-sized manufacturers still using email and spreadsheets? Download Now

White Paper: The “Lego Principle”: Modular Automation Adds Process Flexibility and Profitability

The design and engineering of traditional process plants is geared to low mix/high volume production. Download Now

White Paper: Mishimoto Automotive: In the Fast Lane of Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing landscape is changing. Manufacturers like Mishimoto Automotive can’t afford to wait two years to develop a product and bring it to market. Download Now

White Paper: Five Statistics That Will Change PCB Manufacturing Forever

The need for lower costs and higher quality is a relentless innovation driver in modern manufacturing. Download Now

White Paper: Full-Flow Tool Suite for Both Custom Analog and Mixed-Signal Designs

The Internet of Things (IoT) boom is increasing the demand for Analog mixed-signal (AMS) integrated circuits (IC). Download Now

White Paper - 3D Printing with Desktop Stereolithography

3D printing has opened new doors to rapid prototyping and even rapid production, providing users with the unprecedented ability to visualize products before mass manufacturing and create new designs that could not be made by any other method. Download Now

Transform Product Development with Easy Access to PLM

Ensuring that product lifecycle stakeholders throughout your organization can access the most accurate, up-to-date product information will benefit all aspects of both the product and the organization itself. Download Now

White Paper - Comparing Channel Operation Margin (COM) to Traditional Statistical eye/BER Analysis

Since the IEEE 802.3bj 100 Gb/s Backplane Ethernet standard has been officially approved, Channel Operating Margin (COM) will likely become an important quality-evaluation method for SERDES links. Download Now

White Paper: 10 Capabilities YouÆll Get When You Upgrade to 3D

ThereÆs no question that moving from a 2D to a 3D design platform allows manufacturers to innovate and grow. Download Now

White Paper: 5 Things to Know When Switching CAD Tools

Computer-aided design (CAD) tools help engineers develop new parts and products. Download Now

White Paper: 3D Printing, Now and Beyond

3D printing has already begun its disruption in a wide variety of industries, from aerospace to medicine Download Now

White Paper: An Industrial Internet of Things Solution for PCB Assembly

Ensuring compatible communication standards between equipment is a challenge for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Download Now

White Paper: How to Avoid Transferring CAD Data into Your CFD Tool

Engineers spend a lot of time preparing CAD models for CFD. Download Now

White Paper: Benefits of Best-Practice Process Preparation for PCB Assembly

This whitepaper discusses how process preparation is the critical link between the completion of the design and the start of physical product realization. Download Now

White Paper: The Internet of Things for Electronics Manufacturing

What does the Internet of Things mean for electronics manufacturing? In this white paper, you will learn how your organization can overcome the bottleneck of establishing efficient machine-to-machine and machine-to-human communication. Download Now

White Paper: Electrical Design: Improve Productivity, Quality

While 3D CAD has revolutionized mechanical design, electrical design has languished in 2D. Download Now

White Paper: The Business Value of Requirements Management

In todayÆs global environment, development teams must balance competing demands for innovation, high quality and lower cost within shrinking time frames. Download Now

White Paper: How TRW used ALM to Drive Auto Safety Innovation

Automotive safety systems are becoming more and more complex every year. Download Now

White Paper: Creating Parallel Tool Paths Just Got Easier

Using different tools for product design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) can result in communication barriers and a disjointed workflow. Download Now

White Paper: 9 Tips for Shopping for a 3D CAD System

Despite the fact that one half of discrete manufacturing companies operate in 2D CAD, more companies are contemplating the purchase of and transition to a 3D CAD system. Download Now

White Paper: Sketchpad to Prototype: How to Get There Faster

Spending time managing the data transition between engineers and designers is inefficient given their tight development cycles. Download Now

White Paper: Quality Includes Tolerance Analysis Along with 3D CAD, PMI and GD&T

Companies with the best record of quality production have a firm foundation in engineering communication that extends from the CAD technician all the way through to the shop floor. Download Now

White Paper: PLM ôLiteö: What Is It and Is It Right for You?

There is proven benefit for product development teams in using an integrated design and data management system. However, not all product teams can afford, need or want all the various modules in an enterprise PLM system. Download Now

White Paper: Top 5 Reasons to Integrate 3D Printing into Your Product Development Lifecycle

Rapid prototyping has become a game-changing innovation for designers, engineers and manufacturers. Previously, the process of creating wood or metal prototypes took weeks or months and the cost was often so prohibitive that designers skipped prototypes entirely and went directly from CAD to tooling. Download Now

White Paper: Protecting Electronics with Parylene Conformal Coating

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of parylene conformal coating, the advantages of parylene and applications for parylene to protect electronic devices. Download Now

Monetary Aspects of Moving Engineering Applications to the Cloud

Companies expect a lot of savings when they move their applications to the cloud, but these savings arenÆt a slam-dunk. Download Now

How to Create Microelectro-Mechanical Systems

Traditional design flows can guide engineers creating microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS). These steps help reduce time to market by simplifying the MEMS design. Download Now

Addressing the Design Challenges of the Internet of Things

Many single-function Internet of Things (IoT) components are available off the shelf. However, engineers can design components to perform multiple functions to improve a productÆs cost, power drain and size. Download Now

How to Overcome Mechanical CAD Limitations when Designing Microelectro-Mechanical Systems

The shapes of circuits are becoming more complex thanks to microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Engineers are challenged as design tools have not all kept pace with innovation. Download Now

Product Development and Project Management Tools

Product development teams are increasing the number of products they produce to meet exacting market needs while shrinking time to market. That drives additional complexity, which in turn tests project management to the limit. Download Now

PDKs for Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Design and Verification White Paper

Engineers need designs that seamlessly connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). Designers who model circuits with process design kits (PDK) save time and ensure that products meet IoT standards. Download Now

Meeting MEMS Design Challenges with Unique Layout Editing and Verification Feature

The shapes of circuits are becoming more complex thanks to microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Engineers are challenged, as design tools have not all kept pace with innovation. Download Now

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with 3D Printing

Engineers often find that manufacturing short runs is costly, time consuming and impractical. Download Now

Matching Engineering Tools to Tasks

Engineers are increasingly using digital tools to complete their engineering tasks. Download Now

Analysis of Direct Manufacturing Metal 3D Printing

Direct Manufacturing promises a wide variety of metal additive manufacturing applications. Download Now

Successful Strategies for Implementing MBSE in New Product Development

There has been a lot of buzz about MBSE because it can help companies develop concepts at the system architecture level and assess the performance of these concepts against requirements. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of confusion as well. Download Now

The Top 10 Challenges of Engineering Data and Document Management

LetÆs face it: problems are a part of business. We have to solve them. Exceptional businesses are those that can identify and solve their top problems. Download Now

PFPE: Industrial Lubricants That Reduce Production Downtime

More than half of total maintenance costs are directly related to lubrication related failures. Download Now

Finding PLM to Fit Midsized Manufacturers

PLM drives product innovation and growth in manufacturers of all sizes. But midsized manufacturers face unique challenges when looking for a PLM system. Download Now

Reducing Non-Value-Added Work in Engineering

Engineers report spending a third of their time on non-value added work. Even worse, 20% of their time is spent working with outdated information, which often leads to wasted effort and rework. Download Now

Report: Fear of the CAD/CAM Combo û WhatÆs Stopping Design to Manufacturing

CAM applications can dramatically shorten a companyÆs design to manufacturing cycle. Yet few machine shops have implemented truly integrated CAD to CAM processes. Download Now

Four Ways 3D Printing Is Shaping Product Design and Manufacturing

Product engineers and tooling manufacturers have much to gain from 3D printing: By generating low-cost physical prototypes early in the design process, they can check form, fit and function, gauge customer response and compare design iterations without commitment. Download Now

LVS Boxing Helps Designers Knock Out Designs Quickly

Keeping up with the demand for better, faster design flow performance while preserving the original layout hierarchy of a design can be very challenging during design verification. Download Now

Product Lifecycle Management - Beyond Managing CAD

Top performing companies donÆt just integrate PLM with their enterprise systems û they also integrate PLM with their engineering tools and CAD systems. Download Now

A Cost Effective Solution for Linear Guide Wheel Applications

Radial wheels can match production floor demands where debris or contaminates are present Download Now

Heavy Duty Vee Rings: An Alternative to Slewing Bearings

Traditional slewing ring bearings are commonplace in wind turbines and heavy industries such as military and construction. Download Now

ASIC Design Made Cost Effective with Low Cost Tools and Masks

For smaller projects or companies with modest design budgets, ASIC design is becoming a viable option due to low cost design tools and easy access to flexible, mature IC processes. Download Now

How to Perform Full-Spectrum RF Analysis for Nanometer-scale Integrated Circuits

This white paper will review how to meet challenging IC specifications through superior "basic" RF circuit verification with ... Download Now

Verifying High-Performance PLLs and SerDes with the AFS Platform at Silicon Creations

Silicon Creations supplies high-performance semi-custom analog and mixed-signal designs that can be optimized for ... Download Now

Mixed-Signal Verification of a PWM Ultrasound Driver with Analog FastSPICE AMS at Stanford Universit

A recent case study, led by Professor Boris Murmann at Stanford University in the mixed-signal integrated circuit design research group, highlights design challenges by ... Download Now

Aerospace and Defense: A Look at the Horizon

The aerospace industry is in the middle of an interesting period. On the one hand, the commercial aviation industry is taking off, recording amazing sales fueled by growth in Asia. Download Now

How Can Reuse Give You an Advantage in Industrial Products?

Cutting costs and reducing the number of parts in a product is one of the most important aspects of industrial competitiveness. Download Now

How PLM Can Protect Your Product IP from Hacking and Data Breaches

Theft of intellectual property, especially product designs, can have a devastating impact on a company's brand and bottom line. Download Now

How Full-Color, Multi-Material 3D Printing Brings More Life to Your Models

One concern with 3D printing is the notion that it can only create monolithic models from a single material. Download Now

Additive Manufacturing is Reshoring Jobs, But Can the Trend Continue?

North American manufacturing has been facing a rapidly-evolving future since the mid-1990s. Download Now

Why Commercial Aviation is on the Rise while Defense Aviation Falters

The commercial aviation industry is taking off, enjoying record sales fueled by growth in Asia. Download Now

PLM is Strong With This One û Engineering Lessons from The Dark Side

Have you ever wondered at the sheer number of suppliers involved in building the Millennium Falcon or an Imperial Star Destroyer? Download Now

What You Need to Know About the Next-gen Manufacturing Supply Chain

The analysts at IDC Manufacturing Insights recommend that we all become familiar with the following terms: ôDemand awareö, ôSupply visibleö and ôInnovation networkedö. Download Now

10 Questions Manufacturers Must Ask When Selecting a New ERP System

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a viable option for delivering business applications. Many manufacturers are already using cloud-based ERP systems. Download Now

3D Printing: Choosing the Right Material for your Application

The number of 3D printing materials has skyrocketed. Designers today can count on reliable 3D printing materials that range from plastics to metals. The trick is in matching these materials to widely varying applications. Download Now

Is your Manufacturing ERP System Out-of-Date? 5 Steps to Find Out

Manufacturers know that ERP systems are crucial. What many donÆt know, however, is that ERP has come a long way from the financially focused applications of years gone by. Download Now

WhatÆs driving the Reshoring Movement? A look into Key Trends for Manufacturers

The location of manufacturing operations is one of the most basic and important strategic decisions. Download Now

Aerospace and Defence Companies: Why ERP in the Cloud Makes Sense

Aerospace and defence companies have been slow adopters of IT innovations. That may be about to change, however, now that even the DoD is endorsing moving legacy systems to the Cloud. Download Now

Linear Guide Wheels: Best Practices for Selection and Sizing

When you are designing a guide-based linear motion system, you have a lot of configuration options. Download Now

Custom Linear Guides Provide Freedom for Machine Designs

Most design engineers assume they are stuck with standard sized linear guides. Download Now

Engineering Document Management: Guide to Evaluating Solutions

Business and technical evaluators who are evaluating an engineering document management system project could use some help. Download Now

6 Critical Steps to a Successful Data Management Implementation

Are you thinking of implementing a data management solution? Download Now

Managing Engineering Data

The combination of tough markets, reduced headcount, tight budgets, and aggressive new product development targets means that manufacturers need to be able to design and develop products extremely efficiently to get the most out of their engineering efforts. Download Now

The Risks of Status Quo in Product Development

Today, engineering must balance the needs of manufacturing, procurement, customers and more, alongside those of the productÆs form, fit and function. Download Now

Making the Case for "Practical PLM"

A "practical PLM" solution delivers efficiencies right out of the gate, while easily scaling to meet evolving needs. Download Now
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